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_u9a2652Rosana Lemut Strle was born in 1971 in Ljubljana. After concluding Poljane Gymnasium she continued her studies at Faculty of law in Ljubljana where she graduated in 1995 with the thesis “Beveridge’s system of social security” under supervision of Prof. Dr. Anjuta Bubnov Škoberne. In 2002, she passed the legal state examination, and she finished her post-graduate studies at Law faculty in Ljubljana in 2008 – her thesis was “Personal Data Processing at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia” under supervision of prof. dr. Mitja Horvat.

She finished her apprenticeship at Administrative unit Litija, continued her career at Municipality Litija and later at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia as a director of obligatory national health insurance section.

She joined the Information Commissioner in april 2009. She was Deputy Infirmation Commissioner in charge of personal data protection until December 2014. In January 2015 she became an attorney candidate at Law Firm Pirc Musar, in February 2016 she took an oath as attorney at law at the Slovenian Bar Assotiation and in March 2016 she became a partner in the firm.

Together with Nataša she established also an NGO Info House.