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There are several situations occurring in human relations that require legal assistance in order to ensure personal and property rights of individuals. Our law firm offers assistance in the area of civil law, especially in the fields of:

  • law of obligations (drawing up or reviewing of contracts, exercising of rights and obligations arising from contracts),
  • indemnity law (seeking damages through both court and out of court settlements on the basis of physical injuries, car accidents, accidents in public and private areas, medical malpractice),
  • property law (protection of property rights, interference of possessions, easements, law on good neighbourliness, establishment of floor ownership),
  • law of succession (drawing up wills, conveyance deeds and life care contracts, enforcement of legal right share, contesting of last will),
  • family law (divorces; property relations between spouses; care, upbringing and subsistence of children),
  • enforcement law (initiating and conducting of enforcement procedures and securing of claims procedures).