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We help you realise the following rights:

You have the right to a second opinion

A patient can request a second opinion in public health institutes and private health care providers with concession, when a need for a second opinion emerges from the treatment on the secondary or tertiary level (e.g. after specialist examination or hospital care). You can only get a second opinion once for the examination of the same medical condition. Before demanding a second opinion, you need to discuss the issue with the doctor that treats you.

You have the right to access your medical files

The Law gives the patient the right to consult, transcribe and copy their medical records. The health care provider may only charge for material costs for copies, regulated in the Rules. The patient has the right to ask the health care provider to explain the contents of the medical records. The patient does not need to explain or justify the purposes for their request to access medical records. In case of refusal of access, you can complain to the Information Commissioner.

The right to privacy and data protection

Patients’ personal data and sensitive information in possession of medical staff may only be revealed to individuals specified by legislation or by the patient themselves. The Information Commissioner is competent to receive complaints in this area. The patient can demand that all appropriate and reasonable steps are taken to protect their privacy. They may demand that a person they select is present at a medical procedure; that medical staff does not call them by their name in the waiting room; that medical staff does not discuss sensitive matters in a way that other patients can hear, etc.

Examination of violation of patient’s rights

Allegations of violations of patients’ rights are examined in a two-instance procedure. At the first instance, the patient’s written or oral request for examination of allegations are dealt with by a responsible person of the health care provider. If the dispute is not settled at this stage, a patient may demand that his allegations are examined before the Commission of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Patient Rights.

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