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The administrative law is aimed at regulating the relationship between public sector (state and municipal) bodies, organisations exercising powers conferred by public law and organisations carrying out public service (schools, nurseries, health sector) on the one hand and entities that do not have these powers on the other hand. Administrative law sets the limits to the public sector bodies when they exercise their power.

An individual or a private sector entity are not in an equal position in relation to the state: when they require a service from the state, they are a weaker party and thus need protection. The state may only do what the law requires it to do, whereas the private party may do anything that is not explicitly prohibited.

Our Law Firm, in collaboration with top administrative law experts in the country, offers assistance with any type of administrative proceedings and at any stage of such proceedings. Some of the most frequently used procedures are:

  • Residence permits for foreigners,
  • Work permits for foreigners and other registration proceedings,
  • Proceedings before the Social Work Centres,
  • Any type of inspection procedures,
  • Proceedings before the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption,
  • Proceedings before the Information Commissioner,
  • Proceedings relating to the selection of scholarship recipients,
  • Nomination of public servants,
  • Selection of concessionaires,
  • Tax law and tax procedure (income tax and contributions),
  • Proceedings in local communities,
  • Misdemeanour proceedings,
  • Construction law (building permits, public utilities charges)…